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Custom Swim Platforms video using a Proliner Digitizer to make patterns


Custom Swim Platforms video with Eric Kyle of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine


Custom Swim Platforms now offers you a 4 step Pocket Ladder or  4 step under mount ladder. Your choice. 


** Contact us at 647-550-2628



* We love our new swim platform, and have had numerous compliments
on it!  In fact we have a few friends interested in extending their platforms
next year. S.D. Windsor ON


The man who put the platform on said it was very user friendly and relatively easy.  It looks great and as you can see, the tender sits on it perfectly.  I'm also glad we went with the ladder on the side as I don't need to put the tender down to swim.

D.G. Chelmsford, ON



Welcome to

At we build great looking quality add-on swim platforms for your boat. Adding a custom swim platform to your boat will provide you with additional safety, give you room for BBQ's, space for chairs, ease boarding and is just a great place to warm in the sun. Your platform is custom designed for your needs, each platform comes with a ladder, vents, rub trim and mounting hardware.

Carver 310


Every Swim Platform is built Custom for your boat.

We start with a standard Swim Platform mold and design and modify it to include all the elements you would like on your platform. Our moulds start at 7 feet in width and increase by 6 inch intervals to 11.5 feet. We can of course build them smaller than 6 feet or bigger than 11.5 when required. You get a ladder, rubber trim, and the mounting hardware to install it on your boat. Your platform can be added on top of an existing platform or totally replace the existing platform.

The options are endless, contact us to discuss what you want on your platform!

1988 chris craftChris Craft Amerosport

We Service the Canadian and Great Lakes Market

We are located in the Toronto Ontario area and can send our platforms anywhere you need. We are able to save you substantial money by being located in Ontario and the US Great Lake region. We will arrange to ship your swim platform to other regions but there of course will be costs associated with the shipping.  

Pocket Ladder OptionGlastron 180MX

At Custom Swim Platforms we use only the highest quality composite materials. We will work closely with you to ensure you get the Swim Platform you dreamed of.

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