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Custom Swim Platforms Q&A’s

Q-How do I order a swim platform?

A- Once you have decided that you would like to order a swim platform from us the first thing you should do is request a quote using our quote form or give all the required information to our sales representative. When we receive your request we will send you as much information as we can based on the information we receive from you. It will probably take a couple of correspondences before we get to the final quote. Once we determine all the details we will give you a final quote. If you decide to finalize the order we will require a 50% deposit. Once your deposit is received you will be put  in the build queue and we will inform you of your expected delivery date.

Q-Do you install the Platforms?

A- Typically we are too busy building the platforms to take the time to install them. Most of the time they can be installed by you, or you can get your local marina to install them for you. We are more than happy to work with you to make sure your install goes well.

Q-When will I receive my platform?

A- Lead times vary depending on the time of year and how busy the shop is. November to April is the busiest time and we try to prioritize the builds by your launch requirements and order of firm deposits received. It will typically take 4 weeks to receive your platform.

Q-Can I pick up my platform?

A- Yes, the shop is in Port Perry Ontario which is about 1 hour from Toronto, so if it is convenient for you to come and pick up your platform we would be pleased to meet you.

Q- What if you do not have a pattern for my boat?

A- If we do not have a pattern for your boat and we cannot find a local boat to make you a pattern, we will have to ask you to make it. We will do everything possible to help you through the process.

Q -Installation and Pattern Information?

A- To make a pattern for your platform a piece of craft paper or plastic is rolled over the existing platform and carefully traced and trimmed until it accurately represents the shape you already have. We recommend that the pattern is transferred onto a more rigid material like cardboard and then compared again by placing the pattern over the existing platform.  It is important to be as accurate and detailed as possible when making a pattern so that when the platform is installed the fit to the transom curvature and hardware is the way you expect. Whenever possible we will find a boat to make the pattern for you, but this is not always possible.

Q- What do we receive for mounting hardware?

A- Depending on the width of the platform you will receive 3-4 support poles, and all the nuts, bolts, screws and brackets you should need to mount the platform. All mounting hardware is Stainless Steel.

Q- Can I put a Dingy (inflatable tender) or a Seadoo on the platform?

A- Typically our standard built platform has no problem handling the weight of a dingy, if you plan on carrying a Seadoo or other heavy watercraft we would like to know during the quoting process, we may have to build the platform with a little more material to ensure safe mounting of your vessel.

Q- Is there a Warranty on the Platform?

A- Yes, the platform is warranted for 1 year from date of delivery for manufacturers workmanship, this would include issues like delamination and gel coat problems, like blistering etc.. The warranty does not cover impact type repairs from your use of the boat.

Q-    How much weight can be placed on the platform?

A- When properly installed the platform will easily support up to 1000lbs of load, think of it as 5-6 adults standing on it without a problem.

Q- How much does the platform weigh?

A- Depending on the size of the platform they will weigh 100 to 200 pounds, no more than having a person sitting on the back of your boat. We are currently looking at new materials that we hope will significantly reduce the weight.

Q- What methods of Payment do you accept?

A- We accept personal cheques, email money transfers, and Visa and Mastercard (via PayPal).

Q- Is Tax included in the quoted price?

A- All quote and advertised prices are pre-tax, applicable taxes will be added to the price of the platform.

Q- Can you send me additional pictures?

A- We make every effort to get all of our pictures on the website, we encourage all clients to send us photos of their boats after their platform is installed, and unfortunately the majority of people do not. So if it is not on the website it is doubtful that we can send you anything more than you have seen.